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Yes...I am a Zombie now... by causeisaidso123 Yes...I am a Zombie now... :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 2 4 New Sabaton T-Shirt by causeisaidso123 New Sabaton T-Shirt :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 0 0
Yogscast-Antics part 4: Now what?
"Okay so first thing is first" Lewis began "Does anyone know where Rythian's castle is?"
"Yes, the big babbie there does" Sips_ said pointing to Lalna
"Well he is cursed isn't he? So how are we supposed to find it?" Lewis retorted
"I think he might be just around the volcano near SipsCo" Sjin butted in "Follow me."
The group had managed to get Lalna and Honeydew to walk, albeit not in a straight line but they were walking and after 2 hours of realigning havoc the managed to get to the SipsCo compound
"Here we are you big dum dums" Sips_ started
"Yeah, now give us 10 diamonds to enter" Sjin finished
"Is ten really enough Sjin? I mean..." Sips_ continued in a whisper finally becoming a heated argument whisper.
"Hey I built you guys a pool can I get in free? or at least half price?" Nilesy asked
"Hey you did build the pool didn't you"Sjin replied
"Yeah but it was terrible so you need 20 diamonds to get in and the rest need 10 diamonds each" Sips_ said getting carried away by some pigs
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 4 4
Yogscast Antics part 3: Way to ruin a moment
Honeydew was sitting in one corner of the Jaffa factory hugging his knees; rocking back and forth facing the wall while crying whilst at the opposite corner Lalna was doing the exact same thing.
"Uhhh what happened to these bozos?" Sips asked
"Oh they finally stopped" Lewis exclaimed
"Stopped what?" Sjin asked
"Hey whats up with you?" Lewis asked shaking Honeydew by the shoulder
"NOOOOOO!" Honeydew yelled in response punching Lewis in the jaw
"Stopped what?" Sjin asked again a little louder
"OH GOD! Lewis are you okay?"Nilesy asked running over to where Honeydew had curled into fetal position on the floor next to Lewis who was holding his lower jaw
"Ow" Lewis simply replied
"STOPPED WHAT?!" Sjin yelled
"Uh they where attacking each other but now something bad has happened. Maybe its a curse?" Lewis questioned
"If its a curse we should probably see Rythian about it" Nilesy said
"No way I'm not going near that guy he wants to kill me" Sjin responded
"He may be their only hope though" Lew
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 4 1
Tekkit High Ch 4 : Advanced Alchemy? Whats that?
Sjin and Sips_ finished their lunches and then looked at their timetables
"What have you got next?" asked Sjin
"Ugh advanced's so booooring" Sips_ replied
"Oh me too. So um whats so boring about it?" Sjin followed up
"All that happens is Rythian shows off a bit and then it ends" Sips_ replied
"Well lets go see if we can make him look foolish then" Sjin said grabbing Sips_s arm and running off
"wonder where they are off to in a rush" Minty wondered aloud
"Probably to get in trouble with Rythian" Duncan replied not looking up from the redstone repeater he was messing with.
Then suddenly the bell rang, apparantly Advanced alchemy was on the other side of the school and by the time Sjin had dragged Sips_ all the way there he was sweating like a paedo in a playground.
"Woah getting tired there Sjin? Kinda wussy you know." Sips_ said to him
"I didn't realise how far it was" Sjin shot back
"Awwh come on lets get inside." Sips_ said, they both went in and sat down. Sjin looked aro
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 7 4
Me and my OCs souls by causeisaidso123 Me and my OCs souls :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 3 2 My soul by causeisaidso123 My soul :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 1 18
Mature content
Down with the nether lyrics :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 7 16
Sheep 'N' Stuff by causeisaidso123 Sheep 'N' Stuff :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 11 45
Creeper lyrics
The deadly side of me
I never let you see
you try to keep it caged
But you can't craft to control it
So stay away from me
The creepers ugly
I feel the flame
And I just can't hold it
It's burning on the walls
In the closet, in the halls
It comes awake
And I can't control it
Hiding under the bed
In my body, in my head
Why won't somebody come and save me from this?
Explosive end!
I feel it deep within,
It's just beneath the skin
I must confess that I
Feel like a bomb
I know what I've become
The nightmare's just begun
I must confess that I
Feel like a bomb
I feel like a bomb
My hidden side I keep
Hid under lock and key
you try to keep it caged
But you can't craft to control it
Cause if I let it go
I'll be torn up
And broken me down
Why won't somebody come and save me from this?
Explosive end!
I feel it deep within,
It's just beneath the skin
I must confess that I
Feel like a bomb
I know what I've become
The nightmare's just begun
I must confess that I
Feel like a bomb
I feel like
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 10 46
LOTR One ring replica by causeisaidso123 LOTR One ring replica :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 3 133
Tekkit High part 2 - Home room
Sjin walked into home room thinking about how he was already friends with the school bully who had saved him earlier
"Thanks Sips_" He said to the boy next to him
"You owe me new boy" Sips_ replied in an angry tone
"Woah whats wrong with you? you were all happy earlier" Sjin asked with a worried tint to his voice. Then Sips_ stopped talking to Sjin altogether
"Hey i hear your new?" A girl had come over and started talking to Sjin
"uuuh...yeh my names Sjin" Sjin replied while trying to hide the fact that he was blushing
"Well im Minty nice to meet you" Minty said while smiling
"Nice to meet you too"  Sjin replied smiling back but still blushing.
Then Rythian, Zoey and a T-Rex walked in
"Woah! theres a T-Rex here?" Sjin asked Minty
"Yeh hes called Teep and he is just amazing with a bow and arrow" Minty replied Sjin then looked back at the T-Rex with a jealous look on his face
"How can he even use a bow with those tiny arms?" He asked
"No idea" Minty replied. Suddenly the bell rang s
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 8 24
My Minecraft Skin by causeisaidso123 My Minecraft Skin :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 1 25 Contest Entry for iznj's banner contest by causeisaidso123 Contest Entry for iznj's banner contest :iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 3 10
Tekkit second war part 8 -Minty what is happening?
Sjin was walking through the Sipsco compound when he spotted another chunk had been taken out of the pool
"Bollocks not again" He muttered then went to get some marble.
---------------------------------Minty's POV-----------------------------------------
"Good he noticed the distraction" I say then head into the skyscraper
"Oh now were would he put battle plans?" I think while searching
"AHA!" I exclaimed as I have found them found them
---------------------------------------Sjin's POV-----------------------------
"Damn endermen always stealing from our pool" I say while repairing the damage. I look up and spot movement in the Skyscraper
"Hmm whos that in there?" I think out loud while getting up
"It could be someone from Honeydew inc" I say while getting out my weapon "Well if it is i have to kill them"
--------------------------Back at Honeydew Inc in Nilesy's POV---------------------
"Why is everyone surprised that i respawned" I question. My answer then comes from Lalna
"Well the w
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 13 14
Tekkit second war part 6: Let me get this straight
"Let me get this straight" Honeydew insisted
"What don't you understand?" Rythian asked
"When did he get here?" Toby whispered to Duncan
"I don't know" Duncan replied
"Well lets see" Honeydew started "Lomadias preggers 'cause she and Xeph did the clauna clauna bang bang; Sjin is at war with us and Minty is trying to be a spy for both sides at the same time"
"Yes but wheres your problem?" Asked Martyn
"What do Rythian, Zoey and Teep have to do with it?" Asked Honeydew
"We are teaming up with you for the time being" Zoey replied
"Yes and when Sjin is gone...DUNCAN I WILL KILL YOU!" Rythian sneered
"WAIT WHAT?" Duncan shot back while preparing his mining laser
"YOUR TIME IS NEARLY OVER!" Rythian roared and pulled out a red katar
"Guys we don't need fighting on our side right now it only helps Sjin" Xephos stated
"Yeh keep it till afterwards" Honeydew agreed
and so Rythian and Duncan stopped fighting for now
----------------------------------------Sipsco Headquarters-----------------------
:iconcauseisaidso123:causeisaidso123 17 38


Mature content
Meet New OC~ Lila :iconzoeythianftw:zoeythianftw 4 14
Put this in your office by LegoMachinimer787 Put this in your office :iconlegomachinimer787:LegoMachinimer787 36 11 Pybro have colour! by kirbecio Pybro have colour! :iconkirbecio:kirbecio 7 23 Duncan and Rythian's diary's by endninja Duncan and Rythian's diary's :iconendninja:endninja 10 17
Zoethian Fan Fiction Chapter 1- The Remote
Rythian looked out the window to see the moon rising higher in the sky. Zoeya already went to bed about an hour ago. Teep was on Guard shooting the mobs that came near their Stronghold. But Rythian just couldn't sleep knowing a nuke could blow him and Zoeya up any time Lalna felt like it. After a while he just couldn't stay up anymore. The moon was high up in the sky when he got into bed with Zoeya.
Rythian was flying by Lalna's Castle when he heard a lot of yelling. He went to go investigate about all the commotion, and started to listen in on the conversation.
" Now Lalna, I'm gonna ask you nicely one more time. Give me the remote for the nuke." Sjin said in a very sturn voice.
" I will never -ever- let anyone else touch this remote but me. Even if your are going to kill me. You will not get this remote. " Lalna said. Rythian knew the scientist wasn't joking. He saw Sjin start to walk closer to Lalna with is laser in hand. Lalna held the re
:iconninjaspy49:Ninjaspy49 16 26
Nilesy and Lyndon by SigmaSkylord Nilesy and Lyndon :iconsigmaskylord:SigmaSkylord 12 22
Yogscats Nilesy and Lyndon
Nilesy looked at the freshly caught fish still in the net, his black bent ears perked. Maybe he would get some, he loved delishous fish. A small silver fish escaped the net, and started to flop its way over the ground to the water. Nilesy gently padded over and grabbed it in his mouth. He was having a tasty fish for lunch now, and hopefully more for dinner.
A little black kitten, by the name of Lyndon, came bounding up to Nilesy, eager and curious of what Nilesy was doing.
"What's that?" Lyndon asked, sniffing the silver scales of the fish, that was still in Nilesy's mouth.
Laying it down, Nilesy responded, "A fish." Lyndon's eyes lit up in excitment.
"Oooh, can I have some?"
Nilesy reluctantly shared his tastey meal with the small kitten.
:iconsigmaskylord:SigmaSkylord 9 68





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